Top 3 #greenbeauty Ingredients


It’s clear that there’s been a shift from not paying attention to what’s in your beauty products to now, over 73% of millennial women intelligently reading (and rereading) products’ ingredient labels before making a purchase*. While you’re still learning about green beauty, clean beauty, all-natural and everything in between, we thought we’d help you get started by telling you our top 3 #greenbeauty ingredients and why. Here we go >>>

#Greenbeauty Ingredient #1: ROSE


Anti-aging // Anti-inflammatory // Helps with rosacea // Fights skin dullness // Hydrating glow // Rose toners double as eye makeup removers


#Greenbeauty Ingredient #2: LEMON


Brightens dark spots // Vitamin C helps even skin tone // Exfoliates dead skin cells // Skin brightener // Lightens age + dark spots


#Greenbeauty Ingredient #3: CHARCOAL


Helps clear up acne-prone skin // Balances oil production // Pulls dirt and toxins from deep within your pores // Refines overall appearance of skin

While embarking on your journey to become educated on all things green beauty, we suggest taking a common sense approach. In other words, read the ingredients — do they make sense? Can you easily identify each ingredient? If the answer is yes, then you’re off to a great start.

*Source: Allure Magazine

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