You are what you eat


You are what you eat. If this is the case, what are you today? A chocolate bar? An everything bagel with cream cheese? Maybe a slice of greasy pizza? It’s a known fact that whatever we put into our bodies eventually appears on our skin in one way or another. Processed sugars and carbs can lead to unpleasant infiltrators popping up on your cheeks and nose, while greens and fruits can nourish the skin from within. But what specifically can you eat to achieve your dream glow? We’ve done the research and have listed the top ingredients to include in your diet.


  • Anti-aging powerhouses.

  • Antioxidants in berries help minimize wrinkle formation.


  • High in healthy fats which are essential to keep skin flexible and moisturized.

  • Contain vitamins E and C, which are important for collagen production, leading to supple springy skin.


  • Anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce redness from blemishes and calm skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.

  • Stimulates circulation, which can help reduce puffiness and under-eye darkness caused by poor circulation.

Matcha Green Tea:

  • Helps to maintain collagen production and promotes cell regeneration.

  • Potent source of nutrients making it extremely nourishing and hydrating.


  • Has high levels of vitamin C which prevents the development of wrinkles and skin dryness.

  • Adding lemon to your water makes it more tasty and refreshing, which makes you want to drink water more, leading to hydrated, happy skin!

Along with these incredibly nourishing superfoods, the secret to glowy skin is seeing your Skin Boss regularly. Just like a great body doesn’t come from one visit to the gym, great skin doesn’t come from one visit to your esthetician, so be consistent!

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Article contributors:  @zpooch

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