WTF is Technology Acne?


You’re probably reading this article on your smartphone, blissfully unaware of just how dirty your phone actually is. Then it rings, and you quickly pick it up and place it directly against your cheek. Let’s review the top everyday (dirty) technology that contributes to skin issues (namely, acne):

Dirty technology #1: Smartphone

Your phone is dirtier than a toilet seat (read about “Twitter on the toilet” here). We treat our phones as a limb and take them everywhere, so if you catch yourself touching your face after touching your dirty phone, consider using disinfecting wipes on your phone screen.

Dirty technology #2: Computer

If you’re typing away on your keyboard, think about the last time you wiped it down… Do you eat at your desk, too? Bacteria is all around us so it’s important to not only clean the surfaces of your technology but also to clean your dirty face! We already have to deal with hormonal acne, so don’t make it worse by picking at a breakout with your filthy keyboard fingers.

Dirty technology #3: Headphones

If you experience acne along the sides of your ears, your headphones could be the culprit. Whether you’re working out in headphones, using a headset at work, or using noise-canceling headphones when jet-setting to Miami, know that bacteria can stick to your headphones and find their way into your pores. To combat this, try using a wireless option that doesn’t tangle up your skincare routine.

Cheat sheet on how to stop technology acne:

  1. Keep all your tech fresh by using disinfecting wipes. Here’s a link to some budget-friendly wipes we found.

  2. Clean your dirty face, regularly. And if you’re still figuring out your skincare routine, start with a toner and spritz directly on your face throughout the day. It’ll kill bacteria and make your face look glowy too. Here’s a link to our best-selling toner at our L.A. location.

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Article contributors:  @airtowns

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