Winner: White Teeth or Glowing Skin?


We brush our teeth daily with regular visits to the dentist for a deeper clean, whiter smile and well, just to practice basic oral hygiene.  Similarly, while you may wash your face daily, a facial to regularly deep clean is necessary for cleaner, glowing skin. Let's visit our favorite topic: 


Have you ever taken a close look at your pores under a hotel magnifying light and spotted a few blackheads (and stray hairs) that you think you can get rid of yourself? Well, unlike the stray hairs that you can easily tweeze out, the blackheads are not so easy to extract. Blackheads are to estheticians as tartar and plaque are to dentists in that most people don’t realize how important it is to have them removed. 

The worst thing you can do is try to remove blackheads yourself, as it can lead to infections and major scarring. Estheticians go through serious training to be able to identify which pores are extractable and which should be left alone. Using steam and sanitary measures, they massage and press to carefully extract the gunk built up in your pores. When done correctly, extractions are actually very healthy and effective. They get rid of blackheads, freshen up the foundation of your skin, and allow it to soak up the benefits of your serums, moisturizers, and toners. 

If you find yourself dealing with breakouts and acne, extractions can be just the trick to keeping them under control. Your skin will show a noticeable improvement after just ONE facial, but it can’t all be done in one session. Be sure to set up a facial regularly and watch your skin change before your eyes. 

So, think of your esthetician as your dentist (but just wayyyyy more fun to visit thanks to the facial massage). After all, what's a white smile if you don’t have glowing skin to match?

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Article contributors:  @zpooch + @shamapatelart

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