Why Catalina Island is Great for Your Skin


Picture this:  Sunshine☀️ // Palm trees🌴 // Ocean waves 🌊 

Admit it, the thought of living on an island has crossed your mind at some point.  The pollution that goes along with city living isn't exactly your skin’s best friend either. Often times, you may find yourself rushing off from one calendar task to another, and that's actually after spending hours hunched over at your office desk. By the end of the day, you’re so exhausted that you order takeout for dinner, skip washing your face, and simply nosedive into your dirty pillow. Escaping the hustle of city life to live on Catalina Island doesn’t seem like a bad idea after a stress-filled week... and it might just be the best move that you could make for your skincare routine! Here are the top three reasons why living on Catalina Island is great for your skin, and some helpful takeaways that you can implement into your daily routine today:

1. Glowing skin from a clean environment.

Due to the difficulty of getting a car in Catalina, you won’t have to worry about the toxins released from vehicles.  In addition to limited pollution, Catalina Island's sand and saltwater contribute to exceptional skin!  Sand serves as a great body exfoliant by removing dead skin cells, while saltwater helps to prevent breakouts. Specifically, salt helps to deep clean pores, balance oil production and thwart bacteria that can instigate breakouts and acne.  Think of it as nature's beauty remedy on a very basic, yet effective level. 

2. A diet full of nutritious fruits and veggies.

Have you a heard of the saying "a bad diet shows up on your face?"  A diet full of nutrients is essential for any healthy, glowing skin. Living on an island gives you access to fresh fruits and exotic veggies rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C which helps to produce collagen for your skin. Consuming a healthy diet coupled with ample glasses of water daily is one of the keys to promoting elasticity, and thereby, combatting anti-aging. When you eat well, all of your body's organs feel well including your largest organ, your skin.  The proof is in that glowing, Catalina skin! 

3. Say hello to stress-free skin!

Stress is a common culprit to acne and inflammation. Unlike the stressful rush of city-living, island time is all about moving slowly and easily. Island time has no deadline and no need for sleep deprivation. No rubbing your eyes after staring at the computer screen all day thereby causing dark bags and circles. 

Until we can make the dream of moving to an island a reality, it’s important to make the most of our current environment and keep routine skincare at the forefront. For all of us who don't live on Catalina Island, daily exposure to the environment, bacteria, your diet and hormones leaves your face heavy and dirty.  Keep hydrated, eat nutritious meals, and have your skin deep-cleaned regularly - that is the solution to brighter, glowing skin.  Go visit your local Skin Boss at MudbuM for some much-needed skin TLC.  You work hard in the city, you deserve it!

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Article contributors:  @zpooch + @shamapatelart

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