Leave your clothes on. 

A casual setting. 

A kickass playlist. 


MudbuM focuses on facials only. We strive for efficiency and effectiveness, with each facial taking under 30 minutes. With the in-and-out precision you can expect from nail salons and blowout bars, MudbuM is the place to visit an esthetician (our Skin Bosses) regularly and receive personalized, professional care in a friendly/fun/social setting. Leave your clothes on, listen to upbeat soundtracks and feel free to socialize with other clients who are also receiving facials (or keep to yourself, we don't mind either way). 

Who comes to MudbuM?

1. Professional women (and men) on-the-go. 

2. People who have never had a facial before. 

3. Anyone who cares about their face. 


1. After yoga. 

2. During lunch break and after work.

3. Before date night.