Leave your clothes on. 

A casual setting. 

Professional skincare. 

MudbuM focuses on facials only. We strive for efficiency, effectiveness, and education, with each facial taking under 30 minutes. With the in-and-out precision you can expect from nail salons and blowout bars, MudbuM is the place to visit an esthetician regularly and receive personalized, professional skincare in a friendly + fun setting. Leave your clothes on, listen to upbeat soundtracks and expect to learn about your skin.

So, what can you expect in your 30 minutes at MudbuM?

Our licensed estheticians will steam, deep clean, exfoliate, mask, tone and moisturize with high-quality, all-natural products while our signature 5-point acupressure face massage will help with blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and relaxation. We are a non-invasive facial bar that does not use lasers, or products that have been tested on animals.  

Who comes to MudbuM?

1. People who have never had a facial before. 

2. Men + women with limited time. 

3. People who want all-natural products. 


1. After working out. 

2. During lunch break and after work.

3. When they want to look their best.