Top 5 Ways to Combat Menstrual Acne

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Okay, let's first understand WHY menstrual acne actually happens.  Blame it on the HORMONES! During our favorite time of the month [insert eye roll here], our hormones fluctuate and cause water retention, which then swell the top layer of our skin (i.e., the epidermis), block oil ducts and ultimately cause menstrual acne. 

Surprisingly, acne is more common in adult women (vs. men) for a variety of reasons.  Everything from adrenal glands responding to stress, to hormonal fluctuations from birth control pills, premenstrual changes, pregnancy, and menopause all lead to acne inflammation in women.  Note, this type of acne often shows up on your chin!

Our Skin Bosses (AKA our MudbuM estheticians) have put a quick list of top 5 ways to combat menstrual acne every month: 

1. Exfoliate 2x a week.  Use an exfoliator with fine granules so not to scar the skin.  Exfoliating removes old, dead skin that when built up, can create oil and breakouts. 

2. Use a charcoal mask.  Charcoal acts like a magnet to oil and bacteria.  So yes, your zit may appear or come to a head after using this mask, but it will also be gone faster. 

3. Avoid touching, scratching, or picking your face.  Your fingers are full of bacteria!  That bacteria will absorb directly into your already-dirty pores and make it much, much worse. 

4. Use a pore-tightening toner.  Toners help balance oil production, your pH, kill bacteria and tighten pores. 

5. Moisturize.  We recommend a facial oil, as it penetrates into the skin to moisturize versus facial cremes that merely sit on top of your dermis. 

Fun fact:  high levels of testosterone cause an increase in oil production, which leads to oily skin and acne.  These hormones increase during puberty which is why boys tend to have more acne during that special time.

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Article contributors:  @sammysowa and @shamapatelart

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