Recipe: 30-Second Face Mask

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Who needs THIS 30-second face mask?

The jetsetter ✈️

Why does the jetsetter need it?

Because planes are dirty and they clog your pores.  As you get higher in the sky, the air gets drier and so does your skin.  Your skin reacts to the elevation by producing more oil to combat the dryness, so now your face is dry and greasy.  Additionally, being in a plane means you’re under a lot of pressure (literally), which reduces the blood flow to your face, leaving it tired and dull after a flight.

One of the best ways to give your dull face a fresh boost after a flight is to indulge in a mask upon arriving to your hotel room.  Recipe for fresh face below!


  • Any clay mask in powder form

  • 1 bottle of cold-pressed green juice (make sure ingredients include at least kale, spinach and lemon, but NO CAYENNE pepper!  Yikes, that will burn!)


Mix the clay and green juice to mask consistency (think cake batter), apply a layer to your face, let dry for 15 minutes, then rinse off to reveal fresher skin.


Green juice is rich in vitamins and minerals that your skin drinks up for a fresh complexion.  At MudbuM, our Fresh facial is the #1 facial prescribed to any jetsetter who just traveled on a plane because the foundation for our Fresh facial is cold-pressed green juice.

Drink the rest: 

Note that you will not use the entire bottle of green juice so after making your mask, the rest is for you to drink! 

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Article contributors:  @shamapatelart and @airtowns

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