Drop-ins welcome. 

Appointments recommended. 

All facials $50. 


Add-ons $10

Extractions: to remove blackheads + congestion

Aqua Collagen Eye Pad:  pads for instant plumping around the eyes followed by green coffee eye cream to caffeinate dark, under eye circles.

Emergency Zit Treatment:  AHA spot treatment erasing zits by the next day

Manual Microdermabrasion: deep exfoliation to smooth, refine + brighten skin

Lip Plumper:  aqua collagen pads for instant plumping + baby soft lips

Neck + Shoulder Massage:  5-minute neck/shoulder massage leaving you feeling rejuvenated

Advanced Add-ons $20

Pumpkin Peel: enzyme exfoliation to remove dead skin cells + re-texturize the surface for instantly-improved skin texture and tone

New! Oxygen Boost:  oxygen blast in pores to stimulate collagen production

New! Light Therapy:  LED blue lights killing bacteria that leads to acne