Our story. 

MudbuM® stems from the simple idea that routine skincare should be affordable + approachable. Created by Shama Patel, a young attorney who didn’t have a background in skincare and was tired of the skincare industry making her feel like results-driven skincare meant using products with toxic ingredients and getting expensively long facials in a spa.  In 2015, Shama opened the first MudbuM® in Chicago, IL where the products used in our facials are all-natural, licensed estheticians empower clients through education about their skin concerns, and over half our clients have never had a facial before.  Like herself, Shama designed MudbuM® for today’s modern client who has limited time but wants radiant skin, naturally.  Learn more about Shama and our sister company, AIR® Aerial Fitness — collectively, with over 15 locations nationwide, we keep results at the forefront while creating accessible wellness brands. 

Our facials.


Daily exposure to the environment, bacteria, your diet and hormones leaves your face heavy + dirty. The solution to brighter, more radiant skin is routine skincare.  The MudbuM® team is comprised of licensed estheticians, and our simple process is modified to fit your skin type to leave you with glowing skin in less than 30 minutes. With the in-and-out precision that you can expect from nail salons and blowout bars, MudbuM® exists to deliver a boutique experience and effective service with quality products in under 30 minutes.  MudbuM® does not replace the zen-like experience one gets with a spa day full of steam rooms and saunas, but in terms of skincare, it's the place to visit an esthetician regularly and receive personalized, professional skincare in a friendly and fun setting. 

Our products.


It's simple: skincare should be effective, non-toxic and something that brings you joy. The Clean Your Dirty Face® all-natural skincare line was developed in 2015 for our MudbuM® facial bars. With help from our estheticians (aka Skin Bosses) and direct client feedback, we developed a 15-product skincare line that we have been using exclusively at our facial bars nationwide. In 2019, we launched the skincare line to the public and that's how Clean Your Dirty Face® was born! At MudbuM®, more than half our clients are brand new to facials, so our Skin Bosses educate clients about their specific skin concerns and help them establish a self-care routine. Clean Your Dirty Face® ingredients are all-natural and uncomplicated, making the products approachable to those both new to skincare and estheticians alike.