Our approach to skincare.

Daily exposure to the environment, bacteria, your diet and hormones leaves your face heavy + dirty. The solution to brighter, more youthful skin is routine skincare.  The MudbuM team is comprised of trained + licensed estheticians, and our simple process is modified to fit your skin type to leave you with glowing skin in less than 30 minutes.

Self-care ritual. 

Additionally, MudbuM houses a retail boutique that features our thoughtfully-curated collection of all-natural skincare products from U.S. brands. The newest is our skincare line created exclusively for MudbuM clients: Clean your dirty face®.

About MudbuM. 

MudbuM's mission focuses on efficiency and effectiveness, with each facial taking under 30 minutes. With the in-and-out precision that you can expect from nail salons and blowout bars, MudbuM exists to deliver a boutique experience and effective service with quality products in under 30 minutes.  MudbuM does not replace the zen-like experience one gets with a spa day full of steam rooms and saunas, but in terms of skincare, it's the place to visit an esthetician regularly and receive personalized, professional skincare in a friendly and fun setting. 

Our history. 

After founding AIR® Aerial Fitness in 2013, Shama Patel introduced MudbuM in 2015 with the first location in Chicago, IL.  MudbuM stems from the simple idea that routine skincare should be affordable + approachable.  Our brands are designed for today's modern client who has limited time, but is mindful about practicing self-care. The primary theme flowing through both MudbuM and AIR emphasize efficiency + effectiveness, each focusing on one service only. Collectively, with over 15 locations nationwide, we have maintained a sense of playfulness while creating high-quality, successful health + wellness brands.