40% Post on Social Media From the Toilet

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Fun fact: 40% of the population has admitted to using their smartphones on the toilet. Admitted. So, the next time you see a perfectly-curated photo on Instagram, know that there’s a good chance that it was posted from a toilet. 🤗

Our phones are basically another limb to our bodies and we take it with us everywhere. We take it with us in the bathroom, to the gym, in our Uber, to the restaurant table, everywhere. So, not only are phones dirtier than toilet seats, but your phone carries over 20,000 germs on every square inch of its surface. In other words, the average-sized phone carries ~200,000 germs (so for you iPhone Plus users, that number is more like 400,000)!

Nonetheless, when the phone rings, we immediately place it on our ear (and cheek) without thinking twice. What this means for your face is that when your phone is in direct contact with your sensitive facial skin, it will clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Here are 3 ways to help combat this dirty dilemma:

  1. Use hands-free devices such as headphones. In doing so, you keep your phone surface away from your cheek and reduce the spread of sweat and dirt to your face.

  2. Clean your phone using a microfiber cloth and gentle disinfectant. Never spray anything directly on your phone, rather, spray on the cloth and gently wipe off your phone.

  3. Ask an esthetician. Wipe off your makeup before bed, cleanse with proper face wash, use a gentle toner, and help lock in the moisture with a facial serum. If you don’t know where to start in designing a skincare routine, visit an esthetician or a specialty skincare store to have an expert educate you on the skincare products that are best-suited for your skin type and lifestyle.

Bacteria is everywhere and it will inevitably spread, but by adopting these three strategies, you can at least minimize the spread of germs to your face and help keep your skin blemish-free. You can start RIGHT NOW by not touching your face 👀

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Article contributors:  @zpooch + @shamapatelart

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