3 Mistakes Causing Bedtime Acne


Ever wake up from a great night’s sleep to find an unwanted visitor planted square on your cheek? The culprit is likely your makeup brush, dirty cell phone, or… a dirty pillowcase. While there are many contributing factors to overnight acne, we’ve gathered the 3 most common mistakes causing those sneaky, bedtime blemishes. Here we go >>>

Mistake #1: Diving into your dirty pillowcase.

At MudbuM, you can bet that your Skin Boss (AKA your esthetician) will remind you of three things after s/he completes your facial: wear SPF, remember to hydrate, and change out your pillow case tonight. Having a clean pillow case before you go to sleep can make a drastic difference. Overnight, your dead skin cells can accumulate along with saliva and oil, thereby creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Mix that bacteria breeding ground thing with being too lazy to wash the makeup and city pollution off your face and you basically have a chef’s recipe for clogged pores and cheek acne.

Mistake #2: Using the same towel for your face that you do for your hands.

This is probably the most underrated part of your daily skincare routine but also super important. Avoid using the same towel that you used after a shower, and especially avoid the hand towel that you and your guests use post hand-washing.

Mistake #3: Not having a simple skincare routine.

The best trainers at @airfitnow tell us that “if you want to change 3 things in your life, you have to start with 1, do it for 10 days until it becomes a habit and then move on to the next. Change doesn’t happen overnight and attempting to make all 3 changes at once means you’ll go hard for a week and then quit altogether.” In other words, if you are attempting to create a good skincare routine for yourself, we recommend keeping it simple and easing into it — start with a gentle face wash, then toner and finally, a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. You may be surprised to find that once you start your routine, you may even be inspired to add an extra step or two!

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Article contributors:  @zpooch + @airtowns

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